Being Queen Bee: What it takes to build a strong team

Being Queen Bee: What it takes to build a strong team

Being Queen Bee: What it takes to build a strong team 1024 622 PropElle Network

Build your property empire by building a strong team 

Did you know that in nature “queen bees” are the most dominant female bees that the other bees in the hive will usually follow and protect fiercely? Despite what cultural norms suggest, we’re here to reclaim the term – a dominant woman does not equal domineering!

Our speakers this month are two impressive property queen bees who will be sharing what leadership means to them as property business owners. Whether you dream of being a hands on property developer or running your property portfolio from the other side of the world, join us to hear inspirational tips and tricks that you can make your own.

Sandi Rhys Jones OBE is a self-confessed compulsive builder who began her long career in the male dominated construction and property industry as a journalist. Thereafter she worked for a variety of technical organisations before forming her management and marketing business with clients in every sector of the industry from the UK and overseas. When not restoring crumbling period houses, Sandi actively participates in a number of industry working groups on diversity and women in the workplace. She was awarded an OBE in 1998 for her work promoting women in construction.

Natasha Collins is a chartered surveyor, property investor, lecturer and CEO of NC Real Estate with 11 years of property experience. She started out by building a small but mighty property portfolio in London and Bath that has since allowed her to found NC Real Estate in 2016. Their aim is to help property investors build portfolios that align with their goals. Being 100% online, they work with clients from around the world who want to invest in the UK Property Market. In the last 2 years Natasha has become completely location independent and runs her firm, and life, from wherever she happens to be in the world – currently that’s New York.



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