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This practical masterclass will teach you and show you how to use a crowdfunding platform to make property investments and also how to raise funds through crowdfunding for your property projects.

Topics covered will include:

– The basics of financing (debt and equity) and how this applies to property.

– Traditional sources of financing vs crowdfunding. Which is best to use and when?

– The benefits and drawbacks of Crowdfunding.

– Choosing between Crowdfunding platforms. What’s available on the market and what are the differences between them?

– How to market your project; why and how to build a brand to help your crowdfunding raise.

– What factors should you consider when thinking about making a crowdfunding investment?

– What to look for and what to avoid in projects on Crowdfunding platforms.

– What you should be doing before, during and after a crowdfunding raise. (From the perspective of the developer and the investor).

– Regulation, taxation and structure. What you need to know for crowdfunded projects.

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