From Friendship to a Successful Property Investment Company.

From passion to success in property investment

From Friendship to a Successful Property Investment Company.

From Friendship to a Successful Property Investment Company. 1024 512 PropElle Network

From Friendship to a Successful Property Investment Company.

In this month’s HONEST STORIES we are joined by property investor and developer duo Jasmine & Priya.

Starting as friends, Jasmine and Priya began their journey together as business partners in 2018 after individually fine-tuning their own investment portfolios.

With their passion for property, aligned ambitions and matching morals, Jasmine and Priya joined forces to progress in the industry together and start their own property business, Hard Hat Developers.

Discover their journey of friendship in business and how they went from personal investments to a successful property investment company covering all over England.

They will explore:

· How to spread your risk whilst actively investing

· How to manage a portfolio across the country

· North vs South of the UK

· Buy vs Hold

· How all these strategies can be streamlined

So, what exactly does ‘Honest Stories’ mean?

Our Honest Stories Series are about sharing inspirational, real life stories from women in Property, warts and all, so you can learn with your eyes wide open to really understand what it takes to reach your goals.

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